FIORA began in the 1980s, founded by three partners who shared a spirit of effort and sacrifice to make their business grow, and an idea which even today is in the process of evolution and expansion.

Geographically located within the region of La Rioja, an environment in which, by tradition, an important industrial network is found, dedicated to working with wood and linked to the world of furniture.

The facilities for all of the production processes are located in the Rioja town of N·jera. A total of 260,000 ft2 (squared feet) is occupied by the entire group of facilities, the majority of which are covered, and which are fitted out with the most modern technologies, allowing most of the productive processes to be self-sufficient. 

A significant percentage of this area is devoted to space for research and innovation, where, in what is effectively a ìtest laboratoryî, the FIORA team spends time testing different products and experimenting with materials, shapes and colours etc. 

The manufacture of all FIORA products is done with the most advanced technical methods and with the precision and conscientiousness of traditional craftsmanship, which distinguishes them from the competition.

All of the processes that are carried out on a day to day basis at FIORA are part of a constant spirit of searching for new solutions in terms of FUNCTIONALITY, SUSTAINABILITY and CREATIVITY & STYLE.

To minimise or remove the environmental impact of our processes is a goal that is adopted more and more by all who make up the company, so that the idea that Quality and the Environment is everybodyís business translates into habitual behaviour, with an open and positive attitude towards continuous improvement.
Quality is the sum of many advantages. The quality of FIORA has always been distinguished by the care and knowledge in the selection of the materials, in the production and the design.

Our aim is to satisfy the needs of the customer by means of the highest quality of product within the sector, and also by providing our best after-sales service. As a consequence, the organisation has gained the trust of the domestic market and, slowly but steadily, the European market.

But in FIORA we do not forget that the customer and end user very directly appreciate the quality and safety of the product. Thus, the different products regulated by international standards are tested and verified for compliance with these standards, which inspires confidence among our customers, who always receive personal attention from FIORA.