FIORA offers integral contract solutions for the bathroom with its range of products: shower trays, panels, wash hand basins and consoles, radiators and bathroom furniture.

Characterized by an innovative spirit since its inception, FIORA shares the project development experience with the architect to achieve the best possible solutions for each case, customising these where necessary.

The versatility of the FIORA products allows these to provide the perfect solution for any type of hotel: from budget hotels to luxury hotel.

In each case, whatever the level of complexity of the rooms, FIORA products can resolve the problems these present in one way or another. The objective is always to achieve a solution that is in accordance with the project specification, is of the highest quality and is efficient in terms of implementation time.

One of FIORAís principal intangible values ​​is its passion for developing new solutions. For this reason, it is the perfect ally in those projects where the standard FIORA products do not satisfy the specific requirements.

Fiora has an R&D&i department dedicated to the creation of new product developments and also a system that makes it possible to produce a limited number of unique pieces.

FIORA has a wide range of specific products that are perfect for the bathroom: shower trays that can be framed, extra-flat, rustic etc.; hot water or electric radiators; wall covering panels for refurbishing or new works; basins and consoles; and bathroom furniture.

All of these are manufactured in a wide range of textures and colours that allow them to be combined or used independently.

The versatility of the FIORA products allows the creation of unique rooms by combining them with each other. 

Especially in the bathroom, the combination of shower trays, wall panels and other items such as radiators, furniture or wash hand basins, that can be manufactured with the same textures and colours, offers integral solutions of high aesthetic and practical value, in addition to providing a solution of high quality in terms of functionality.

FIORA is a brand of bathroom products established in more than 17 countries. Our experience allows us to offer a comprehensive service for any project developed beyond our borders.

In addition to the necessary logistics and production capabilities, the best professionals are made available for each project, anywhere in the world.