Shower trays for hotels

Shower trays for hotels

FIORA offers a long career in the bathroom world, with different product ranges that manage to create an integrated solutions for the bathroom space. The shower tray is one of the star products in the product design department. We have invested a big effort to offer solutions in a changing shower tray instead bathtub. It is a product designed with shapes, textures and colors that integrate easily into the spaces and make the shower place an attractive space.

Shower trays for hotels adaptable to special spaces and measures

The FIORA SHOWER TRAYS collections have different types of solutionsSILEX COLLECTIONbased range of slimline shower trays, framed, framed made to measure, avant, mixto with textures: slate, smooth in solid colors (white, cream, gray, wenge, black, cappuccino, cenereand natureSILEX PRIVILEGE a collection of design with the ability to adapt to special and complex spaces as well as made to measureAlso in slate and also smooth texture exclusively designed for this collection, the BRICKSSILEX RUSTICA Collection is ideal for use in spaces with rustic charm rangeThere is a specific texture and four colors (tejaalbero, arena and arcilla). Finally, ELAX Collection rangethe flexible shower tray.



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